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Selecting a paint color or type can sometimes feel impossible. At Pearson Paint Shop, we work closely with you to discover the best paint choices for your next project.

When thinking about the paint color or gloss type, consider these questions:

  • What area are you painting?

  • What style are you going for?

  • What is the visibility of the area to be painted? Is it frequently viewed?

  • Do you prefer warm or cool tones?

  • What kind of durability do you need? Do you have childrens or pets?

  • What is the climate like in the area you wish to paint?


The answers to these questions determine our recommendations for what paint color, sheen, and the paint quality for the surfaces you desire. 

We recommend these links to help you think further about the paint color and types you wish to use in your next project: 


As always, please call us at 254-753-1199 or request a free quote for your residential and commercial painting needs. We love serving the Waco area and are thrilled to answer any further questions you may have.

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